Cold and Fishless

Post date: Jan 10, 2011 2:55:37 PM

It was about -20 degrees Farenheit and I was pulling up to the lake with four of my buddies who never fished before. The wind was whipping, there were snow drifts and we were considering not going. We looked over the lake and there was Levi at 6 am setting up our fishing traps. His dedication and persistence was the only reason why we got out of the car that day. The fact is, when we were sitting in that car, we didn't know it yet but we were about to embark on one of our most memorable trips despite the conditions. We fished a hard 8 hours and didn't catch anything but we had a blast. Levi is a great guide and a hard worker, he is worth every cent he charges and more. Levi gave us some moose meat to go with the lobsters we purchased on the way home and we had a feast. We booked a trip for early March this year and have decided to make this an annual trip, mostly because we had such a good time with Levi.

Eugene McDermott

New York, NY

February, 2010